Buy a perpetual licence for NXPowerLite Desktop at a one-off price per user.

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  • Per User Licenses
  • One-off price for unlimited use

    License is per user not per computer

    Multi-user orders receive one key.

  • $47 /user
    $47 /user
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Common Questions

Do you offer multi-user discounts?

Yes! Buy 10 or more licences and you will benefit from generous discounts off the single user price. Multi-user orders will receive one registration key. If you need an official quote please contact our sales team.

Can I bulk deploy NXPowerLite?

NXPowerLite can be deployed using standard automated tools like SMS - for full details please check out our deployment guide.

What is a perpetual licence?

Licenses of NXPowerLite Desktop do not expire. You are buying a licence to use the version you purchase for as long as you want without additional payment. We offer an annual upgrade assurance program to ensure you stay on the latest version but this is entirely optional.

What counts as a user?

NXPowerLite is licensed per user rather than per machine, so if you buy a licence you can install it on more than one machine so long as you are the only user of the software.

To ask questions about how NXPowerLite Desktop can work for you, please get in touch with our customer support team today, or visit our online support portal.