Product Features

Set Rules

Easily select which folders and files to compress. Combine attributes like date last modified, location and extension to exclude specific file types, new files or even entire departments.


Use the built in scheduler or control the service from other events using Windows task scheduler. This provides flexibility to work around other regular tasks like backups.

Track & Audit

Compressed files are tagged to ensure that NXPowerLite avoids degrading files by repeatedly compressing. We also provide a tag viewer to audit which files have been touched by NXPowerLite.

Monitor Results

NXPowerLite generates comprehensive reports, detailing how storage was being used and the savings achieved by compressing files.

Works with any storage

Compress files on any storage device in the same Windows domain as the machine on which NXPowerLite is installed, including EMC, NetApp and Novell Netware servers.

Transparent Compression

Using NXPowerLite is completely transparent to end users. Compressed files look and feel the same as the originals, remaining in the same format and with the same file extension.