NXPowerLite Video

Video Compression Software for Servers - Arriving May 2019

Many of our users have seen how effective our technology is at alleviating their storage issues. So much so that they're now NXPowerLite for File Servers customers.

Our solution currently supports the majority of the file types commonly used at work and at home - PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and Microsoft Office files. However, one file type we currently don’t support is the other main server storage hog... video files.

After many user requests we have decided to set our minds to tackling video compression and I’m glad to say that this will soon be a reality with our video compressor for file servers NXPowerLite Video. It will initially compress MP4 and MOV files and is in production now.

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Key Features

MP4 & MOV Support

Compress MOV and MP4 files and in multiple locations.

Background Service

It runs in the background unattended to compress video while avoiding any preset tasks.

Up To 50% Reduction

So far we’ve been able to reduce video size by 30 - 50%.

Metadata Preserved

Resolution, frame-rate and all metadata will be retained and unaffected.

Batch Compress Video

Scan and batch compress video files in multiple folders or drives.

Easy Scheduling

Setup via the task scheduler to work around tasks and backups in your current workflows.

Evaluation Tools

Our updated Quick Scan tool now reports the total volume of MP4 and MOV files on your servers. We also now have a custom-built Evaluation Tool that will let you compress sample videos to see how effective NXPowerLite Video will be on your files.

Download Quick Scan

Download Evaluation Tool

The evaluation tool uses FFmpeg for audio editing and the source code is available here.

“NXPowerLite is a really robust, amazing product which offers great value for money. It was exactly what I was looking for.”
— Arc Legal Assistance Ltd


NXPowerLite Video will be available to buy with the same pricing and packaging as NXPowerLite for File Servers. We’re expecting it to be ready to purchase in May 2019 - sign up above to receive a notification when it’s available to buy along with our exclusive launch offer.