Compress PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF email attachments in real time
We are really happy with the savings Optemail gives us. Our weekly reports show savings of around 35-40% of storage and bandwidth reclaimed from incoming and outgoing mail. 25.2 GB > 15.4 GB . It really takes a weight off our mind
— Andrew Grainger, IT Database Development Officer, The Royal College of Veterinary Sugeons
Faster emails
Smaller emails transfer more quickly especially over limited connections, promoting efficient communication flow and avoiding frustrating wait times.
Eliminate bouncebacks
Optemail makes sure large PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG email attachments are small enough to be delivered everytime.
Control growth
Reducing the size of all email attachments coming in and out of the mail server will dramatically slow down your storage growth.

Evaluating Optemail

  • There's nothing better than seeing for yourself how good Optemail is at reducing files. Download our desktop tool and run it on a selection of your own files for a side by side, before and after comparison. Please use this one-click script to change the Desktop settings to match our Optemail software defaults.
    For Windows XP (SP3) - 10, also available for Mac OS.
  • Try a fully-functional version of Optemail to see what it can do for yourself. Limit to specific email users or deploy it company-wide. The trial won't interrupt your email service and will be completely invisible to end users. During the trial you will receive a detailed weekly report showing storage and bandwidth savings.

Key Features

any SMTP environment

Optemail is a versatile software-only solution that works with any email environment. It can be hosted in-house on either a physical or virtual server, or you can choose to let us securely host if for you.



Optemail requires no changes to users' existing workflows and no downtime. Once started it simply runs in the background automatically reducing the size of emails before they hit the server.


Receive comprehensive weekly reports showing the savings from optimizing email attachments.


Simple annual per user subscription pricing

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  • Paid Annually
  • Price discounted over 500 users

    Only pay for real users

    No setup costs

    Try Optemail today and
    start reclaiming space for free

  • $1.50 user/mth
    $0.75 user/mth

To ask questions about how Optemail can work for you, please get in touch with our customer support team today.

We’ve been running Optemail for the last 6 months, and we’ve realized a 38% reduction in email traffic and storage! As an insurance brokerage with 400+ employees, we couldn’t be happier about the current and future cost savings this means for us. It’s a fantastic tool!
— Jennifer Mahoney, COO Heffernan Group

System requirements

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2

Works with any SMTP email environment

File types supported

PDF Documents
Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (PowerPoint 97-2016)
Microsoft Word documents (Word 97-2016)
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (Excel 97-2016)
JPEG images

All the above formats contained within zip archives.