Reduce Excel File Size On Mac OS With NXPowerLite

XLS compression software for Mac OS to significantly reduce file size without impacting on quality

Reduce Excel File Size Up To 95%

Secure Local File Compression

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Solutions also available for Windows | Windows Server | Watched Folders

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Sending As Attachments

No more annoying bounce backs with large emails. Easily shrink your attached Excel files under mailbox limits.

Splitting Excel Files

Avoid having to split and merge Excel files in order to send them. Keep your documents small and intact instead.

Batch Compress Excel Files

Save time and effort reducing multiple spreadsheets individually. Compress up to 10,000 Excel files at once.

Uploading Excel Files

Smaller files are easier to transmit. Stay under your upload and storage limits easily with small Excel files.

Slow File Opening

Huge Excel files can load slowly, notably when accessed remotely. Avoid this with smaller, faster loading files.

100% Offline XLS Optimizer

Download our local reduction software and compress an Excel file offline. There's no need for the internet.

Compress Excel Windows

Our software is available on both Mac and Windows operating sytems so you can shrink XLS files regardless.

Stop Zipping XLS Files

Our software will compress Excel files by up to 95% without zipping. There's no more need for extraction.

Reduce XLS Under 300kb

Some allications need Excel files to be under a certain size. Whether 300kb or below, stay under set sending limits.

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