Flexible Licensing

If our licensing choices aren’t quite flexible enough, please do get in touch to talk about custom options.

Select Currency: 
  • Pay as you go
  • Ideal for reclaiming space from existing server storage

  • Quickly reclaim existing space

    Use with multiple servers

    Buy only the credit you need:
    Quick scan your server

    Access to the latest software & support

  • $224
     storage credit
  • 14-Day free trial
  • Subscription
  • Ideal for compressing new files as they are created

  • Slow down storage growth

    Use with multiple servers

    Easily switch between subscription plans

    Includes access to the latest software version and support

  • $195 /yr
    $195 /yr
     annual credit limit
  • 14-Day free trial
  • Perpetual
  • For organizations that need a fixed predictable cost

  • Not limited by credit

    Licensed per server

    Higher upfront cost

    Separate annual contract for maintenance and upgrades

  • POA
  • 14-Day free trial
  1. The amount that NXPowerLite compresses each file by is deducted from the available 'Credit' in the account - this is the 'Usage'.
  2. Usage is tracked and reported centrally and the software will automatically stop/pause when your available 'Credit' limit is reached.
  3. When the annual credit limit renews, or when you add pay as you go credit to the account the software will automatically resume optimizing files from where it had stopped.
  4. Example:

    If NXPowerLite reduces a 10 MB file down to 2 MB then 8 MB will be deducted from your remaining credit.