Test Reduction For Yourself in 2 Minutes

NXPowerLite Desktop for Windows should automatically start downloading but if it doesn't click here to try again.

We also have a Windows version of the software available.

Install our desktop tool

Drag the files you’d like to test into the application for reduction, then hit ‘optimize’. This will produce optimized copies of the files, leaving the originals untouched. The results for each file are displayed right there in the application!

Compare quality yourself

Try getting up close with the original and optimized copies of your files to check for differences. Zoom in right down to the individual pixels or blow them up and print them out to get up close and personal, seeing is believing...

Get end-users involved

Getting sample files from a range of end-users is great for testing the benefits they’ll get from reduction. You can also ask end-users to download the desktop software themselves to try day-to-day. There's nothing like live user-testing for feedback.