NXPowerLite compared to WinZip

Reasons to choose NXPowerLite over WinZip

Everyone has tried to Zip a huge file only to find it makes little difference to the size. Most of today’s business documents contain high-resolution images and diagrams, the majority of which are already compressed. As soon as you add images, Zip struggles to reduce the size of a file, as it's trying to compress content that is already compressed.

Not only that, but there's the time hassle of unzipping received documents and potential security risks from the contents of Zipped archives which are masked from some antivirus programs.

As NXPowerLite can reduce the size of files containing compressed content, without changing the file format it makes it the perfect alternative to traditional Zip tools like WinZip.

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No Zip File Required

NXPowerLite tackles the individual elements inside a document, figuring out how to reduce each component in turn. It strips out redundant material, and shakes unneeded bytes out of graphics and objects – slimming a file down rather than compressing it. In many cases it's able to reduce files by 95% with no discernible reduction in image quality. Crucially this approach leaves files in the same format – so a PDF remains a PDF that looks and feels identical to the original, just much smaller.


Email integration as standard

NXPowerLite integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes and can automatically reduce attachments as they are sent. Because compressed files remain in their original format, recipients don’t need the NXPowerLite software to view or edit the file.


Zip compression built-in too

You don’t need to compromise with NXPowerLite. It can compress already compressed files and it can also collect them together into one easy-to-manage Zip archive.

As a helpful aside it has also been possible since Windows XP to zip directly from Windows Explorer, without using additional applications. Simply select one or more files, right-click then choose: Send to > Compressed (Zipped) folder.


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NXPowerLite is especially good at compressing image-heavy files that don't reduce well with Zip.

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