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Our refreshingly simple software helps you shrink your documents and photos with ease

Proven technology to reduce the size of common business documents making them easier to manage.

Try our Desktop software - it's the best way to see the technology in action.

Available for WINDOWS or MAC OS X

IT Solutions

'Set and forget' tools to increase storage and bandwidth efficiency.

NXPowerLite for
File Servers

NXPowerLite for
Microsoft Exchange


Optimize all existing User Documents and Images on your file servers.

Optimize all existing Documents and Image attachments in the Exchange store.

Intercept and optimize all inbound or outbound email attachments in real time.


Embed our best in class file optimization engine in your own applications.

Over 2 million happy customers

“NXPowerLite is the best software I've ever purchased... It has saved me thousands and a lot of time.”
“NXPowerLite is excellent software for optimising files to dramatically reduce storage”
“NXPowerLite is a really robust, amazing product which offers great value for money. It was exactly what I was looking for.”
“The problems caused by large email attachments have been instantly solved. Company-wide deployment of NXPowerLite drastically lightened the load on our corporate network.”

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Neuxpower is rated 4.68 stars by based on 66 merchant reviews

4.68 / 5 Rating
66 Reviews
Every business, marketing department, photographers, or anyone trying to send large attachments should try this software. I love it... It makes file sharing and email so much easier.. Even attaching pictures to social media sites..
This is an amazing product. I was teaching a seminar and had prepared a PowerPoint presentation with more that 250 slides, many of which contained pasted-in graphics file. When completed, the deck was 39 megabytes, too large to send to pass through the email system of my corporate sponsor. After doing some research, I came across NXPowerLite and took advantage of the 14 day free trial. I was very happy to find that it reduced the size of the file by 75%, with absolutely no change to the content. Well worth the price.
I've been a regular user for years: its an excellently reliable product. and the latest version appears even better than previous versions. A very good buy, very easily installed.