Reduce the size of your Outlook mailbox

This post is for any of you out there hiding a burning, fanatical desire to keep your email inbox as tight and efficient as possible. Perhaps your inbox needs its own budget code and you'd like a way to keep under the IT manager's radar. Or maybe you just get a kick out of seeing this:

turn into this:

Well we have the perfect new tool for you. You can now select an email in Outlook and optimize all of its attachments. Just right-click on an email and select "Optimize with NXPowerLite":

You'll get a progress dialog during optimization and when it's finished the email size will be updated in the list automatically.

Top tip:

You can use Outlook's built-in search function to give you a list of the largest emails in your inbox so you can pick off the biggest first. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1

Click in the search box at the top of your list of emails.

Step 2

Click on the "Has Attachments" button in the Ribbon.

Step 3

Click on the Size column above your messages to sort them in descending size order.

Now you can optimize the largest emails first, giving you the greatest mailbox reduction.

Already optimized emails

If you right click on an email you've previously optimized, you will see an option to "View NXPowerLite details". This will show when the email was optimized, and by which version of NXPowerLite.


 If you select an email that doesn't have any supported attachments you will not get the NXPowerLite option on the right click menu.

Find out more about NXPowerLite Desktop 7.

For more tips on cleaning up your mailbox and for instructions on how to find out how big your mailbox is, check out these excellent mailbox clean up tips on

In case Desktop solutions aren't your thing we have three great server products as well:

  1. Optimize existing Documents and Image attachments at rest in your Exchange store with NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange.

  2. Intercept and optimize all inbound or outbound email attachments in real time with our email optimization gateway Optemail.

  3. Optimize all existing User Documents and Images on your file servers with NXPowerLite for File Servers.