Compress PNG File Size With NXPowerLite

PNG compression software to significantly reduce file size without impacting on document quality

Reduce PNG File Size Up To 95%

Secure Local File Compression

Simple Interface

Solutions also available for macOS | Windows Server | Watched Folders

Over 2 million happy customers

More efficient format

To reduce the size of PNG files the software reduces the number of colours in a PNG image, converting the 24-bit PNG to a much smaller, more efficient 8-bit indexed color image.

Print Image Optimizer

Resolution has a huge effect on print quality. Because resolution is retained, you can be sure your images will look great printed.

Flexible Settings

The default setting result in an undetectable loss of quality, even at 100% zoom, that can be easily adjusted to requirements.

Compress Image For Web

Images used on websites need to be as small as possible to ensure pages load promptly. Reduce PNG file size seamlessly with NXPowerLite.

Compress PNG For Email

No more bounce backs with large emails. A simple PNG compression tool for email attachments so they fit within mailbox limits.

Reduce PNG Under 300kb

Many applications require PNGs to be Compress to 300kb, 200kb, 100kb or below to stay under set sending limits.

EXIF Metadata

NXPowerLite will always preserve EXIF metadata when it compresses PNG files.