Simple subscription pricing

  • $49 /mo
  • £29|€39 /mo
    Paid monthly
  • Try NXPowerLite free for 30 days.
    If you like it transition to a paid subscription at the end of 30 days.

    Get up and running in minutes

    Up to 2,500* scans per month

    No credit card required

  1. The subscription comes with 10 GB of included ‘Usage’ per month. As each scanned file is optimized, the amount that file is reduced by is deducted from your available Usage.
  2. Usage is tracked and reported centrally in your secure online account.
  3. The included Usage will allow optimization of approx. 2,500* documents. Additional Usage costs $4.90 per additional GB (approx. 250 scans).
  4. Example:

    * If NXPowerLite reduces a 5 MB file to 1 MB, then 4 MB will be deducted from your remaining credit. 4 MB x 2,500 scanned documents = 10 GB.