NXPowerLite for File Servers 7

Compress PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF files on your server

Proven software for reclaiming server space by reducing the size of common business documents.

NXPowerLite can optimize your organization’s PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF files by carefully removing excess data from them.

It reduces the size of the files without changing their format, leaving them much smaller but otherwise identical to the originals. File owners will not see any changes to their files.

Watch how it works in just 36 seconds, or read our in-depth guide to the technology.
We saved about 200 GB of space straightaway, a 25 percent reduction. The software ran in the background, so there was no downtime at all, which was great.
— Aaron Maas, IT Co-ordinator, Seajacks
Reclaim space now
Optimize all the existing files on your server to avoid running out of space. Find out how much storage you can reclaim with our free read-only Quick Scan tool.
Control growth
Schedule NXPowerLite to periodically scan your folders and it will automatically find and optimize new files added since the last scan, slowing down your storage growth.
Reduce backup time
Smaller files on front-line storage means you'll have smaller, faster backup and restore windows too.
User productivity
Smaller files are easier for users to access, edit and share.
Network traffic
Smaller files place less burden on the network and transfer more quickly especially over limited connections.
Data migration
NXPowerLite makes sure your files are as small as possible, so when it comes to migrate them you know you are not moving more data than you need to.

Evaluating NXPowerLite for File Servers

These easy tests only take a few minutes...

  • Find out how much storage you can reclaim using our fast, read-only scanning tool. Your personalized, local report is calculated from your servers file configuration. It’s fast, accurate and totally confidential.
    Windows Server 2008 R2 - 2016 | Windows Vista - 10
  • There's nothing better than seeing for yourself how good NXPowerLite is at reducing files. Download our desktop tool and run it on a selection of your own files for a side by side, before and after comparison. Please use this one-click script to change the Desktop settings to match our File Server software defaults.
    For Windows XP (SP3) - 10, also available for Mac OS.
  • Take NXPowerLite for a spin on us, get 10GB of credit free and choose a selection of your own data to run it on. It’s easy to configure it to run on a sample set of user data, in a non-production environment or wherever you think best.
    Windows Server 2008 R2 - 2016 | Windows Vista - 10
  • Our team is super helpful, we can guide you through every step of the process or simply be on hand to answer your questions. We can jump on a screen share, answer your calls and emails or join you on a live chat right now - whatever suits you best.

Key Product Features

Schedule around your other services

If continuously running isn't desirable, use the built in schedule function or control the service from other events using Windows task scheduler. This provides flexibility to work around other regular tasks like backups.

Schedule_icon (3).png

Control which files to include and exclude

Flexible rules make selecting which folders and files to optimize easy. By combining attributes like date last modified, location and extension you can exclude live files, new files or even entire departments. 

Ven (10).png

Choose your reduction settings

Precise settings allow complete control over how files are optimized. Independently adjust factors like image resolution and quality, then combine these with scheduling and targeting rules for pinpoint accuracy.

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Find out more about the system requirements for installing and running NXPowerLite and its general compatibility with other software and services.


NXPowerLite is designed with a safety-first approach. See steps it takes to ensure safe file processing and the comprehensive built in logging and auditing features.


Learn how NXPowerLite manages files during optimization and what considerations will affect speed, performance and resource requirements.

Simple credit-based pricing

The software is free - you only pay for the storage you want to reclaim.

  1. NXPowerLite software is provided free. When you buy a volume of 'Credit' in GB this is loaded to your secure online account.
  2. As NXPowerLite optimizes files, the amount that it reduces each file by is deducted from the available 'Credit' in the account - this is the 'Usage'.
  3. Usage is tracked and reported centrally and the software will automatically stop when your available 'Credit' is exhausted.
  4. Buying more 'Credit' tops up your account and the software will automatically resume optimizing files from where it had stopped.
  5. Example:

    If NXPowerLite reduces a 10 MB file down to 2 MB then 8 MB will be deducted from your remaining credit.

  • Trial
  • Try the full software
  • Trial includes 10 GB of storage credit to
    test NXPowerLite with your own files

    Get up and running in minutes

    Fully functional software

    No time limit

  • $200
  •  storage credit
  • Buy only the credit you need - easily top up when you want more

    Includes upgrades and support

    Credit never expires

    No annual fee
  • Free
  • 10 GB starter credit
  • Download NXPowerLite today and
    start reclaiming space for free

    Get up and running in minutes

    Credit never expires

    No credit card required

  • $200
  •  storage credit
  • Buy only the credit you need - easily top up when you want more

    Includes upgrades and support

    Credit never expires

    No annual fee

Trusted by 3,000+ organisations


“NXPowerLite is the best software I've ever purchased... It has saved me thousands and a lot of time.”
The Bishop's Stortford High School

“...the perfect solution for IT administrators struggling to find investment for infrastructure. The time spent installing and evaluating NXPowerLite was worth every second.”
Amway Japan

“NXPowerLite is a really robust, amazing product which offers great value for money. It was exactly what I was looking for.”
Arc Legal Assistance Ltd