NXPowerLite File Compression Technology

NXPowerLite software uses a combination of lossless and targeted lossy compression techniques to reduce the size of large videos, documents and images. Our approach adheres to the following principles:


Compressed files must retain the same format as the original.


The compressed file must look and behave just as the original does.


Focused on file formats where general-purpose compression isn't effective.


No proprietary technology should be required to read or edit compressed files.

How we compress files in detail

Document Compliance

NXPowerLite technology is designed to avoid negatively affecting document compliance obligations. The technology simply makes imperceptible visual trade-offs to reduce file size. The primary focus is ensuring embedded media (photos, graphics etc.) are stored in the documents efficiently while unseen background data is purged from the files. NXPowerLite sets out to maintain the visual integrity of the content so at all times optimized files should be indistinguishable from the originals by the human eye.

We encourage you to check the compliance requirements of your industry carefully and if there is any need for further clarification on what NXPowerLite does to files do get in touch.

Neil notes that there have been no compliance issues with using the software, which he ran past the council’s legal team before rolling out NXPowerLite. Physically, the results look exactly the same to the naked eye – something that is critical when dealing with court
— Neil Harvey, Caerphilly County Council